Follow these steps to apply to join the Personhood Alliance

  1. Check our affiliate map to confirm your state doesn’t already have an affiliate. If it does, reach out to the contact person to see how you can get involved.
  2. Download, review, and sign our Charter for Affiliate Membership.
  3. Scan and submit a copy as instructed in the document.
  4. Review and sign our Code of Christian Conduct and Non-Disclosure Agreement, which we’ll provide via email.
  5. Participate in a phone interview with our leadership.
  6. If approved, we’ll set you up with resources, contacts, and assistance in starting your state group.

All of our affiliates are represented on the Personhood Alliance board of directors through an appointed delegate and alternate.

Personhood Alliance is a Christ-centered, biblically informed organization dedicated to
the non-violent advancement of the recognition and protection of the God-given,
inalienable right to life of all innocent human beings as legal persons, at every stage of
their biological development and in every circumstance.